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Manatsu no Utage Special Talk - nagisan
Manatsu no Utage Special Talk
Manatsu no Utage is finally up on YouTube!!
There's a Special Talking Session so I decided to translate that...

Here's the original YouTube link:
Pt.1: http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=WAoGzp4tbl4
Pt.2: http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=_C2f7GyjC9E
(Thank you to whoever uploaded this ><!!)

Manatsu no Utage Talk Session. As we greeted the originator of Visual Kei, Kinniku Shoujo Tai's, Otsuki Ken san, the representatives for all 8 bands got together for a miraculous gathering.

Visual-kei's Originator!? O-ken appears
and in total 8 bands get together and have the dream talk session

Based on the survey that each member brought in, they talked about many great things.

(left) Takayama, Tetsuya -announcer-   (right) Otsuki Kenji

Kenji: You know, when you just look at this row here, it looks as if people from the Super Hero World came and got together.
Announcer: that's not true at all
Kenji: Doesn't it seem like the middle-boss class is all gathered here?
Announcer: well, it's supposed to be a dream gathering here, so
Kenji: eh? Oh yes, it is a dream
I actually took a look in advance, but nobody has any interesting question at all
Announcer: they're not competing about that, so
Kenji: yeah, well I really realized how everyone is only interested in themselves
Announcer: well, something might change from there
Kenji: eh? Oh ok

Announcer: ok then, the first question. This is from Alice Nine's Shou san to Nightmare's Hitsugi san.
"Doesn't color contacts hurt?"
Kenji: you could care less!

Shou (Alice Nine) → Hitsugi (Nightmare)
Doesn't color contacts hurt?

Announcer: well, well, let's hear him out
Kenji: yes, let's hear it
Announcer: you wanted to ask him this, right?
Shou: yes. I'm wearing color contacts too, but
Kenji: you are?
Shou: but, mine is the normal size, about the same size as the black part of your eye. But the one Hitsugi kun is always wearing, is this special kind that's on the whole thing, or it covers over the whole eye, so
Announcer: honestly, does it hurt?
Hitsugi: no, it doesn't hurt. Well, you do feel like you're being covered though
Kenji: your eyes look extremely blood shot, though
Hitsugi: no, no that's the type of contacts.
Announcer: speaking of hurting, you have so many piercings on your face.
Kenji: can you kiss like that?
Hitsugi: what is up with you
Announcer: what do you do when you kiss?
Hitsugi: well, just like that
Tatsurou: oh you do kiss
Kenji: what do you say, like "can I poke-poke here?" (chiku chiku is the sound of a sharp poke)
I'm sorry to do this to the guests!
Announcer: well then, let's go to the next one
Kenji: Excuse me
Announcer: this is from D's Asagi san to Otsuki Kenji san
Kenji: ok
Annoucer: "How did you come up with the make-up of starting from the eyes and going down to the cheek?"

ASAGI (D) → Otsuki Kenji
How did you come up with the make-up of starting from the eyes and going down to the cheek?

Kenji: this was from that, umm...long time ago there used to be a manga called "Eight Man", and there was also "Devil Man", but I think I was influenced by those.
But I think at that time, I might have been the first one to put things like this on the face.
Announcer: and this is just asking, but the make-up you have on right now
Asagi: yes
Announcer: is an original too?
Asagi: yes it is.
Announcer: I see
Asagi: yes
Announcer: and have you ever copied Otsuki san at all?
Asagi: well I do feel like I want to try once, but
Kenji: I, I want to try wearing that too. It'll definitely make me want to say "Renaissance~!"
Asagi: you were just saying that backstage
Announcer: well this is Visual-kei, so...
Kenji: oh, I guess people will get mad at me

Announcer: ok then, let's move on. This is from Antic Cafe's Miku san
Miku: yes
Announcer: to Plastic Tree's Ryuutarou san.
"Please tell me your secret to the beautiful white skin"

Miku (Antic Cafe) → Arimura, Ryuutarou (Plastic Tree)
What's the secret to beautiful white skin?
Miku: yes, I thought that his face was so pretty~
Ryuutarou: oh, thank you very much
beautiful white skin?
Announcer: yes
Ryuutarou: beautiful white skin...I guess it's because I don't get hit by the sun that much
Announcer: so you mean it's just a coincidence?
Ryuutarou: yes. It's a product of mere chance.
Announcer: but I think Miku san is white enough already too though
Miku: yes, I know
Tatsurou: (something I can't hear)
Announcer: but everyone's pretty white
Tatsurou: well we try not to get tanned in the summer
Announcer: then what do you do when you go to the beach?
Tatsurou: we don't go to the beach.
Announcer: eh?
Tatsurou: It's at night.
Announcer: ah, you go in the night
Tatsurou: like doing fireworks and stuff
Announcements: fireworks!

Kenji: so, Maya kun, that, that, candy is like your usual trademark or something?
Maya: well, I don't really know. I didn't even want to eat one today but since I'm coming on here for the first time, I thought it'd be easier to notice. I had that kind of thinking.
Kenji: oh as a mark or something
Maya: yes
Announcer: how honest are you! You don't like it very much?
Maya: well, I like it though
Kenji: it's like that person that's holding an oden in the manga


Announcer: when you say lives, most of them are doing overseas lives.
Kenji: ah wow.
Announcer: um, did KinShou (abbreviation of band's name) ever do overseas lives?
Kenji: umm, one time, one time about 18 years ago, we decided to do a live in New York, and we made a package tour. But then only one person applied for it, so it got cancelled.
Announcer: oh really
Kenji: I'll never forget!
Announcer: well everyone seems to be extremely popular in Europe too
Kenji: that's amazing. Well now there's YouTube and stuff, so
Tatsurou: yes, if you go there you'll definitely be a hit.
Kenji: you think right now is the time to go?
Tatsurou: The young people overseas are more knowledgable with Japanese Visual-kei things than the young people in Japan
Kenji: and Germany and places like that is where you guys are surprisingly more popular right?
Oh, what about India? India?
Announcer: Well money-wise...oh, you're planning on changing India?
Kenji: yes Japan changes
Tatsurou: you're going to spread Japan in India?
Kenji: India...

Announcer: well Ryuutarou san, if you compare your performances in Japan and the performances overseas, are there differences in the audience's reactions and such?
Ryuutarou: well this was in Paris, but I was singing this ballad-like song like this, and these two started staring at each other right in front of me. And when I thought "wow, they're staring at each other~" they all of a sudden just smacked together
Tatsurou: it's not a BGM for god's sake
Ryuutarou: yes
Kenji: well that means that they must've gotten so moved by Plastic Tree's song, that they got into that mood and became like that.
Ryuutarou: yeah I think that must've been the result, but
Kenji: So it might actually be a happy thing
Ryuutarou: yes. But it was just kind of awkward for me. Because it was right in front of me, and we were about this close
Tatsurou: wow, how close
Kenji: wow, that's a little embarassing
Tatsurou: there are a lot of couples, huh
Ryuutarou: yeah there are a lot
Kenji: oh but you know in a lot of those overseas stadium lives, you see on the big screen, people showing off their boobs? Are there a lot of those?
Ryuutarou: I haven't seen that before
Kenji: have you?
Shou: no
Kai: no. There's people with swimming suits on and stuff, but
Kenji: well but all those overseas fans come with make-up on and doing cosplay and stuff too, right?
Kai: yeah, they do that too
Kenji: wow that's amazing. The first time in Japan,
Announcer: yeah
Kenji: and then go depart for the world. They'll probably have "Kinniku Shoujo Tai" written on here and stuff, but it'll most likely be written the wrong way, huh
Announcer: oh yeah. Like "Kin Uchi" or something ("uchi" and "niku" are really similar kanji: 内 and 肉 )
Kenji: Kin Uchi Shoujo Tai
Announcer: it's like, "so close!"
Kenji: yeah so close!

Sorry if the colors were too bright...I thought it'd be easier to read XD
If there are fans of the other bands in this community, you can post these in other communities too.
Just remember to credit back to me please ^_^
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