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Manatsu no Utage Talk Session pt.2 - nagisan
Manatsu no Utage Talk Session pt.2

Since I posted 1 and 2, I'll post 3 and 4 here too...

Manatsu no Utage Talk Session! As we greeted the originator of Visual Kei, Kinniku Shoujo Tai's, Otsuki Kenji san, the representatives for all 8 bands got together for a miraculous gathering.

Visual-kei's Originator!? O-ken appears
and in total 8 bands get together and have the dream talk session

Based on the survey that each member brought in, they talked about many great things.
Based on the maniac questions, we will show you something we couldn't show you during the actual performance on Music Japan.

Announcer: a question from ASAGI san to Tatsurou san.
"our voice training teacher is the same, right?"

Tatsurou: it's the same.
Asagi: I thought so
Tatsurou: But we've never met before, huh?
Asagi: yes
Tatsurou: this is our first meeting.

ASAGI (D) → Tatsurou (MUCC)
Our VoiTore (Voice Training) teacher is the same, right?

Announcer: oh, so that means you do voice training?
Tatsurou: yes, I do.
Announcer: you do? It felt like you guys were independent, like you don't rely on anything
Tatsurou: well, even in this place right now, there's a lot of people going to the same voice training teacher. They're the same students
Announcer: oh, then for example, who has the same teacher here? Could you raise your hands?
Announcer: 4 people? The same teacher?
Kenji: for example, what do you do?
Tatsurou: what?
Kenji: what kinds of things do you do?
Tatsurou: If I do it here it'll be blurred out.
Announcer: wha, what?
Tatsurou: if we all did it here it'll all be blurred out
Kenji: you know, I had the same voice trainer as Yoshida Yosaku (?) Yeah I just remembered
Announcer: EHH?
Kenji: and also with Mokkun
Announcer: they're all Idols
Kenji: Yeah we were together, and we'd do this: Ah ah, he he, hi hi, he, Zaua Zaua
Tatsurou: ah that's close, very close
Kenji: is it the same?
Tatsurou: it's close
Kenji: you think it's the same teacher?
Tatsurou: I think it's probably different
Kenji: we did pretty embarrassing things. But you know for rock, you have an image that you just scream and sing out loud, right? But then, after a while you start really feeling the importance of it. If you don't do voice training or whatever, the instruments are so loud, right? So in order to not lose against that sound, you start needing the help.
Tatsurou: you know long time ago, I saw Otsuki san talking on TV, and there's something I'm copying you from that
Kenji: what? Really? show me, show me
Tatsurou: um, you know how Rockers long time ago used to bend like this when shouting? Well you said they hurt their backs like that.
Kenji: oh yeah yeah
Tatsurou: That's why I started straightening my back like this and singing.
Kenji: well you know what's the most important right now, is when you do after-parties and stuff, if you drink tons of beer, 20 years later you'll get Gout so be careful!

Announcer: well I have 2 people asking the same question here
Kenji: ok
Announcer: this is to Tatsurou san from Miku san and Ryuutarou san
"Why don't you reply to mails?"

Ryuutarou (Plastic Tree) / Miku (Antic Cafe) → Tatsurou (MUCC)
Why don't you reply to e-mails?

Miku: yes, it's true
Tatsurou: well Ryuutarou san was just one time, right? But did I get one from Miku?
Miku: I did. You know how you sent a mail saying you changed your address?
Tatsurou: from me?
Miku: yes. And so I replied saying "how was America?" but you never replied back
Tatsurou: oh really?
Miku: yes
Tatsurou: oh, well that's a pity

Announcer: from Hitsugi san to Asagi san
"Asagi san let's out this cool-image, but how are you in actuality?"

Hitsugi (Nightmare) → ASAGI (D)
You have this cool-image, but how are you really like?

Announcer: and here is a question from Asagi san to Hitsugi san. So, to Hitsugi san, Asagi san looks cool, right?
Hitsugi: yes
Announcer: but, from Asagi san to Hitsugi san, he wrote
"why are cats so cute? How many cats do you have? I have 3"

ASAGI (D) → Hitsugi (Nightmare)
Why are cats so cute?
How many cats do you have? I have 3!

Hitsugi: ahh
Kenji: it's not connecting at all
Announcer: it's completely different
Hitsugi: it is different. Well, I have cats at my parents house, but I have 2 there
Asagi: ah, 2. What kind?
Hitsugi: what?
Asagi: what kinds?
Hitsugi: they're like this big
Asagi: isn't that big?
Hitsugi: yeah they're really big. They're both girls, but
Kenji: you know, seriously. If you guys weren't wearing these kinds of clothes you guys would look like students at an after-school program meeting for the first time or something. That's the kind of conversation here


Announcer: this is from Mucc's Tatsurou san for Alice Nine's Shou san
"you've never been dumped before, right?" ("dumped" as in turned down from the person he likes)

Tatsurou (MUCC) → Shou (Alice Nine)
You've never been dumped before, right?

Shou: no, no, no
Tatsurou: he probably never has, right?
Announcer: he looks like he hasn't
Shou: there's too many times
Announcer: too many?
Shou: yes
Announcer: seriously?
Shou: the whole time, yes
Announcer: the whole time?
Shou: yes
Kenji: but you're popular, right?
Shou: no, I'm sorry
Kenji: you're all popular, right ? you bastards
Announcer: why are you all quiet? Please say something
Kenji: you know the young band men these days are so well behaved (majime means serious or well-behaved etc)
Announcer: oh really?
Kenji: yeah. In our ages we were totally all over the place.
Announcer: please tell us your legend, your legend
Kenji: what?
Announcer: it's ok even if it's a small thing
Kenji: oh no, it's not fit for NHK at all. It's not very good.
Announcer: what kind of...oh really?
Kenji: we only did things that can only be said late in the night or something. These kinds of things (the pinky means love/relationship related things)
Announcer: oh your pen dropped
Kenji: I got a little flustered. Seriously. Every day was -BLEEP-
It's gonna get cut anyway so it's ok

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From: mirukikki Date: September 2nd, 2008 06:10 am (UTC) (Link)
Tatsurou: oh really?
Miku: yes
Tatsurou: oh, well that's a pity

lol, Tatsurou, how mean. xD;;

The last part cracked me up so much.

Thank you for translating! :3 ♥
needlespike From: needlespike Date: September 2nd, 2008 08:32 am (UTC) (Link)
awwwe! shou-san?! for real *_* it's their loss DX
thank you for this!!!!!!!! :3
murdoc_19_2000 From: murdoc_19_2000 Date: September 2nd, 2008 08:34 am (UTC) (Link)
thank you so much for the translation ^^
shinbe From: shinbe Date: September 2nd, 2008 03:41 pm (UTC) (Link)

tatsu never replied to emails lol
From: kaoru_tsukiyama Date: September 2nd, 2008 05:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
tatsurou is mean!!
poor miku xD
elya_chan From: elya_chan Date: September 2nd, 2008 11:08 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thank you so much for translating! Asagi and Hitsugi talking about cats... that was absolutely priceless. *gigglefit*
sophixer From: sophixer Date: September 3rd, 2008 01:50 am (UTC) (Link)
Thanks for translating! :)
Major LOL at Hitsugi and Asagi's exchanges.
ichibanvn From: ichibanvn Date: September 3rd, 2008 08:58 am (UTC) (Link)
thank you <3
cutelostalice From: cutelostalice Date: September 13th, 2008 01:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thank you~! :D
ciel_mania From: ciel_mania Date: September 14th, 2008 03:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
thanks again!!

Tatsu is so meanie x(

poor miku~~
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